Can Healthy Eating be Cost-Effective?

by Dorothy Sinding

We often hear clients, friends and family say that it's so much more expensive to eat healthy.  How does $3 per serving sound?

We are so thrilled to share a financial breakdown one of our very own clients created for BBE-Eatza

Here is what she came up with: 
"The other day I made this amazing healthy dough-free pizza. Today I sat down to figure out how to make it easier to pull the items out of the freezer and make. After weighing each item and individually packing I have enough to make 7 more pizzas plus the one we had the other day. Breakdown is as follows:
1 pack of extra lean ground turkey makes 3 crusts
(1 serving is half so Andrew and I eat 1 pizza)
1 pack of Italian turkey sausage makes 8 (use 1/2 a sausage per pizza)
1 pack of turkey bacon makes 8 pizzas plus extra slices. (1 slice of bacon per pizza) 
1 pack of dry press cottage cheese makes the 8 plus extra. Most cost-effective to get a 2 pack from Costco for $9.99 for 2 vs. 1 at other stores for $7-8 for 1
1 brick of the low fat mozzarella makes 8 plus lots of extra.
1 jar of farm boy hot salsa will definitely cover the 8 pizzas and more
(3 tbsp per pizza) Have to say I was extremely impressed with how much we will be get out of 1 grocery shop for a cost of $40 we have a full dinner for just $5 (2.50 each)* and everything is ready to go"

*The cost did not include egg & cheese as Meaghan already had those items at home.   Adding the 2 items in makes one serving just under $3.   Now that is some cost-effective healthy eating!

Andrew & Meaghan S. "...I was extremely impressed with how much we will be get out of 1 grocery shop"
 --- Meaghan

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