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BBE Group Exercise at Elite Training Facility
Better Body Exchange at Our New Facility with Elite Training FacilityBetter Body Exchange at Our New Facility with Elite Training Facility

What is Better Body Exchange?

One hour, full body workouts designed to target weight loss wile gaining lean muscle.  Building overall strength while losing weight is the goal of this gym based class.

The Better Body Exchange class will give you total body workouts aimed to increase muscular strength. Many of our clients also have weight loss goals and cardiovascular workout components are integrated, We help you set goals and measure results as well as be accountable for integrating improved diet outside of class. Nutritional guidance is a huge part of Better Body Exchange. The importance of fuelling the body through food is stressed, and the Eating for Success guide helps in achieving your goals. Some participants have lost up to 20 pounds in single 6 week program.

At Elite Training Facility we believe that fitness and the gym is meant to enhance your life, not be your life. We work with you to create a balanced fitness plan so that you can see results and keep your fitness at its optimum.

Better than boot camp!

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Group Fitness Class Area - Image 1 - Elite Training Facility
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Elite Training Facility, Creators Of Better Body Exchange Fitness Program

Elite Training Facility is proud to present, Better Body Exchange, their full-body workout designed to target weight loss while gaining lean muscle. This class is accessible to people of all fitness levels and weight. You can start with us no matter what shape you are in. Learn the importance of fueling the body through foods that are necessary to weight training and measure success weekly.

How Do I Add Fitness Into My Busy Schedule?

If you are struggling with weight issues, fatigue due to being out of shape or lack or strength, you can't afford to not make time to improve your health. Elite Training Facility knows that the day revolves around having to be at a workplace during the day and offers Better Body Exchange both in the morning and immediately after the work day. Get your workout in before the family is up or pack those gym clothes and join us right after a day at the office.

How Often Should I Come?

For optimal results we recommend a minimum of two Better Body Exchange Classes a week. If you're looking to get results faster we recommend three classes a week. Have a beach vacation coming up and want to look great in that bikini? Come burn fat and tone muscle with us in the morning, afternoon or on Saturday.

Your first class is FREE. Small class sizes mean you get the attention you need to complete the exercises properly and get the right form to maximize muscle toning and weight loss.

we also offer private group training!

Dynamic, full-body workout specifically designed for team sports. Five rounds of 12, one minute stations, encompassing all muscle groups, ensure that no time is wasted. Great way to build strength, conditioning & overall athleticism. It is also a fun way to build team chemistry and competition. Perfectly suited for all ages & fitness levels. Exercises or movements that are not suited to an individual, are simply modified - we use weights & exercises that work for each participant.

Great for high school classes! Better conditioning, Better play! Functional movements include Suspension Training, Bosu, Swiss & Med. Balls, Kettlebells & Dumbbells, Plyometric Training

Private Group Training at Elite Training Facility

Elite Training Facility holds awards for great service and results!

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