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Personal Training at Elite Training Facility

Get the outcomes you want from one of our extremely informed Elite Personal Training staff. When you train with one of our personal trainers you are getting a best-in-class experience that will influence, inform, and deliver results.


Our Elite Personal Trainers are here to assist you in reaching your physical fitness goals fast. Exercise on your schedule with a customized strategy that helps you develop the confidence, and inspiration to continue your fitness journey!

Our Personal Training Staff

  • Clint is our Master Trainer (over 30 years of experience)
  • Dorothy is an Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Melissa is an Advanced Trainer (5 years of experience)

Stronger Together

Professional fitness trainers draw out your finest points.

Your Elite Personal Trainer is your fitness partner who will encourage you to finish that last rep, up your game, and hold you liable. Plus, Elite Training Facility personal fitness instructors constantly upgrade their knowledge and obtain extra certifications. You have access to the very best fitness instructors who will assist you to bring out your very best.

A plan is custom-made for you.

It's about teaching you health and wellness skills for life. Elite Training Facility certified personal trainers develop your customized plan based upon scientific exercise concepts that assist you in attaining continual results. Goals, dietary, and lifestyle routines are all factored in to establish an in-depth, customized workout plan. This makes sure you keep setting and smashing your individual bests.

Focused Personal Training Rooms

We have areas designated for personal training, developed with you in mind.

Some individuals are just shy, or self-conscious, or just do not like having others see them exercise. That's why we have our one-on-one private rooms!

Enjoy our totally personal training rooms at Elite Training Facility. Delight in 100% personal privacy for personal training. The only person in the training room is you and your trainer.

We ensure you feel positive and comfortable throughout. Our advanced equipment lets you focus on giving it your all with all the tools you need.


Your Personal Training Journey


After an assessment, you'll choose a personal trainer that's right for you. Think about your personal trailer as your coach who is here to help you accomplish more than you ever believed possible.


Your personal trainer will develop a customized plan just for you that promotes lasting modification. You'll build yourself up and see instant results and fitness abilities for life.


Put in the work and see how quickly development takes place. Constructed on clinical exercise concepts, your personal trailer will stretch you in order to accomplish small goals that amount to a big change in your total fitness and health.

We Practice What We Preach!

Our fitness instructors train together, work out together, discover together, and have a good time together! They are continuously working on establishing new exercises and classes to keep you motivated while they ensure to keep themselves healthy too!

There are so many benefits to having a personal trainer:

  • See much better results faster
  • Avoid injuries
  • Lose fat and gain muscle
  • Breakthrough plateaus
  • Set sensible objectives
  • Keeps you accountable
  • Develop lifelong exercise practices

Our Elite Personal Trainers design exercises that are for you, your body and your goals!

We are here for you, to encourage and to make sure you are reaching your goals!

Exercising on your own can be daunting. Not knowing where to begin or what devices to use can be confusing.

With personal training, we take the intimidation element out!

Today is an excellent day to begin focusing on you! We can assist! The Elite Personal Trainers assist, motivate, and bring in some fun too!

Let our personal trainers aid you! An individual trainer is useful for so many reasons. From being your motivation, showing you proper strategies, keeping you accountable, and providing you variety to keep fitness fun and intriguing.

Clint Sinding, CEO

Being a Master Elite Personal Trainer, Clint has a passion for fitness and health and brings over 30 years of experience to his training programs. He understands the problem of establishing, building and keeping a high level of conditioning, all while juggling the rest of your life.

We asked Clint to do a little Q&A.

1. What is the best feature of being a fitness instructor?
Assisting clients attain objectives.

2. What motivates you to stay fit?
Health and fitness, at this point, are everything about longevity. I wish to live my best life.

3. What is your favourite cheat meal?
Chicken wings! No, wait, pasta! No, wait, home-made bacon cheeseburger! No wait ... do I need to pick just one?

4. What is your preferred workout?
Chest and biceps.

Elite Training Facility Personal Training Options

One on One, Couples, Small Groups. Start with a 1-hour consultation, just $25. This includes a sit-down with Clint to go over your fitness history, goals, and pricing options as well as a trial workout. (Consultation fee waived upon Personal Training Package purchase.)

What's so awesome about hiring a personal trainer?

One of the primary reasons that someone should have a Personal Trainer is that they are trained in teaching others how to exercise. While exercise in itself is only a part of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle play an essential role in the overall picture. If you don’t get exercise right, then you will never achieve your goals.

A New Fitness Routine

A customized fitness routine is the foundation of your fitness journey. Your Elite Personal Trainer will work with you to develop a plan that will get you to your fitness objectives.

Inspire & Motivate

Your Elite Personal Trainer will assist you to reach your fitness objectives, with the ultimate goal of motivating you to keep going. They'll work with you to help you discover ways to stay inspired and accomplish results.

Physical Fitness Assessments

Whether you're looking to lose weight, condition, or simply want to understand where you're starting from, we'll help you accomplish your goals. Our fitness assessments will tell you where you are now and how you can get where you want to be.

Personal Training

Our certified individual fitness instructors are constantly ready and available to assist you with a personal training consultation. They'll assist you with setting practical goals, and they'll ensure you stick to your exercise routine.

Workout Lessons

A personal trainer is there to teach you how to exercise safely, successfully, and efficiently. You'll discover the correct type and technique to get the most out of your exercises.

Better Body Exchange

We understand that your physical fitness goals are special to you. That's why we also offer group fitness classes. For more information visit our Group Fitness Classes page!

Small group physical fitness is the ideal way to burn calories, increase strength, and build long-lasting physical fitness abilities.

Small group fitness sessions are fun and encouraging. You'll work out with people who are similar to you, so you'll get the support you require to accomplish your goals.

Better Body Exchange fitness classes are non-judgmental and created to motivate everybody to get up and move. The class is friendly and safe. You'll have a good time and feel like you're getting a great workout in.

Elite Training Facility holds awards for great service and results!

Elite Training Facility


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