UV Tanning

UV Tanning at Elite Training Facility

Our Brand New ProSun Tanning Bed is Waiting for You!

Some Features of Our Tanning Bed:

  • The extra-long body lamps give all tanners the perfect exposure
  • The gently curved acrylic surface on both top and bottom will fully encapsulate you for a more comfortable tan
  • Digital timer for easy operation
Woman in UV Tanning Bed at Elite Training Facility
Get Your Tan On at Elite Training Facility
Man in UV Tanning Bed at Elite Training Facility

The Benefits Of Tanning

There are many health benefits to indoor tanning and thanks to modern sunless tanning technologies, you can have that perfect, bronze tan all year long!

UV Tanning :

  • reduces the risk of skin cancer
  • makes your body produce Vitamin D
  • assists with hormonal balance and healthy oil production
  • useful for helping skin issues like eczema and psoriasis
  • reduces scar/stretch mark visibility
  • helps to lose weight (UV rays have the ability to boost your metabolism)
  • helps to alleviate depression and SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

We all agree that there's nothing better than packing your suitcase and heading to some dreamy, tropical destination far away where one of the side-effects is getting a nice tan. When you are not down south, you can Book our UV Tanning Bed which allows you to have that nice even tan all year long. And remember - getting a base tan before your vacation not only helps to avoid a sunburn, but it allows you to glow in all of your vacay photos!

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Book the UV Tanning Bed at Elite Training Facility


Single session - $12
5 Tan Package - $55
10 Tan Package - $95
30 Day Unlimited - $60*

*20 minutes max. per session / 1 session per day

Dorothy from Elite Training Facility

I love my tanning time. It’s 20 minutes in my day that I can just close my eyes and drift off. It’s a wonderfully warm mini-vacation from my busy day. Plus, the energy boost I get from the UV light is fantastic. I always come out feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of my day.

Dorothy Sinding

Tips for tanners

Prep Before Tanning

  • UV rays can't penetrate skin if it's too dry or dirty. So make sure to shower thoroughly and exfoliate before your tanning session.
  • Carefully shave as well (if necessary).
  • Remove any make-up or other lotions and fragrances as you want to make sure there is nothing but tanning lotion between your skin and the tanning bed light bulbs.
  • Choose what you want to wear. Many people prefer to wear a bathing suit or underwear on the tanning bed while other prefer to go au naturel while tanning.
  • Choose the tanning lotion that is best for you. Using lotions specially formulated for use in tanning beds can help to achieve the tan you want more rapidly and will ensure the tan lasts longer.
  • Get ready for a relaxing time and book your UV Tanning with us!

Know Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type before you tan can help you do so safely and will help you achieve your tanning goals!

Type 1: People with type one skin tend to be very fair and they struggle to tan without burning

Type 2: People with type two skin can achieve a tan but it develops very slowly and usually only after a sunburn

Type 3: People with type three skin tend to get sunburned when over-exposed to the sun, but can tan quite easily

Type 4: People with type four skin can easily achieve a tan and will rarely burn when exposed to the sun

Type 5: People with type five skin have naturally darker skin tones and they tan easily while rarely burning in the sunlight

Type 6: People with type six skin almost never get a sunburn thanks to their naturally darker skin (skin will darken though when exposed to UV rays)

GET YOUR TAN ON - improve your mood, take care of your skin, and look great ...

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